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 Caulking with Silicone




Additional Information

Down below you will find more detailed information about our services and what they do!


Caulking with Silicone

The primary use of this service is to keep out the moisture and air, thus keeping your house nice and isolated from the outside,but it also adds an additional layer of protection against pesky critters trying to make your house theirs. How do we do this?

It's really simple, we use our trusty caulking guns to seal the gaps between two surfaces with the highest quality silicone and voila your house is now gap and leak free.



Hydrofuge has a simple but crucial function, it's a chemical liquid applied to walls and floors that will have contact with water or any other fluids to prevent the water from seeping through the walls/floors and turn them into future nightmares.


Hydrofuge is a long term investment that will keep your house in perfect condition.

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